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Our Mission Statement

Company Values

To be our client's business partner of choice, by adding true value to their company.

To provide a unique client experience from our in-depth understanding of our clients' organisational needs, and to offer a bespoke business solution.

To build long lasting, mutually beneficial relationships with our entire supply chain.

To provide a positive working environment for our skilled, knowledgeable and dedicated staff, which promotes FSL's unique culture.

We act with professionalism and integrity

  • Demonstrate a commitment to integrity and business ethics,
  • Show respect for, and value all individuals for their ideas, approaches, styles, experiences and behaviours,
  • Speak positively and supportively about team members, when apart,
  • Listen to others for understanding and seek clarification if necessary,
  • Assume positive intentions,
  • Be proud of your fellow team members.

We are all accountable

  • Our team is our strength; support and mentor each other,
  • Focus on finding solutions and achieving results,
  • Actively engage in discussions and support decisions once they are made,
  • Involve all stakeholders in decisions,
  • Accept personal accountability for our own actions and results,
  • Keep promises and commitments made to others,
  • Be open and honest in our dealings with others.

We are passionate about our business, our reputation and our service

  • Show pride in our business performance and achievements,
  • Promote an optimistic, positive and energising environment,
  • Serve and delight our clients through the quality of our products and services,
  • Promote and implement creative and innovative ideas and solutions,
  • Promote, protect and enhance our reputation.

We have the hunger to learn

  • Display openness and curiosity to learn from anyone, anywhere,
  • Solicit and provide honest feedback without regard to position,
  • Personally commit to continuous improvement and demonstrate willingness to change,
  • Value and respect the contribution, experience and efforts of our supply chain,
  • Admit our mistakes and learn from them.

We love success

  • Achieve results and celebrate when we do,
  • Help people to be their best by providing the opportunity to coach, train, upskill, mentor and provide regular feedback,
  • Work with others as a team to accomplish results and win,
  • Have a "can-do" attitude,
  • Make people feel valued and appreciated,
  • Make the tough calls.

We strive for simplicity

  • Stop processes, procedures and activities that do not add value,
  • Work across organisational boundaries and break down internal barriers,
  • Deal with people and issues directly and avoid hidden agendas.