Continuous Improvement

Continuous improvement is an integral part of FSL’s operations. We are constantly measuring and reviewing our internal processes and working with our supply chain — seeking improvements in all areas of the business — to provide our clients with a better, overall service. We work very closely with our key suppliers and hold bi-annual business reviews to discuss their current performance and where we want to develop the relationship.

We monitor On Time delivery In Full (OTIF), Quality Right First Time (RFT), Progressing Response Time and Incorrect Quote Data. Suppliers receive a monthly rating report along with a quarterly score equating to a Gold, Silver, Bronze rating, based on targets set internally. This information is used in procurement to make sure we understand our supply chain and drive business through key suppliers we know are performing to a high standard.

We have supplier risk assessments and, where necessary, actions are raised for improvement or to put in place a contingency plan, should the relationship break down. Our supplier development plans enable us to manage these actions and create joint objectives to move the relationship forward.

The A|D|S SC21 program started us on the road to a continuous improvement culture in 2010. Our commitment to ‘Lean’ tools, techniques and working practices and the elimination of non-value added activities and waste has further strengthened FSL. The ongoing programme of empowerment and up-skilling of our workforce was of paramount importance.

FSL achieved SC21 Bronze Award level status for 8 consecutive years but in 2019 we made the difficult decision to move away from SC21. We still use many of the tools we have learnt on our journey, SC21 has been invaluable to us, however, we felt we had come to a point whereby we needed to focus on creating bespoke services, systems and processes to drive us and our supply chain forward.