FSL Environment

FSL Aerospace is committed to working proactively with employees, clients, contractors and other interested parties to ensure our operations are effectively managed, monitored and controlled.

A lake in the shape of an airplane in the middle of untouched nature - a concept illustrating the ecology of air transport, travel and ecotourism. 3d rendering.


The company is committed to:

  • preventing pollution and nuisance,
  • reducing the production of waste, encourage wherever possible its recycling and manage the effective disposal of waste through approved agencies,
  • minimising the actual and potential environmental impacts associated with our activities,
  • making efficient use of resources, including energy, 
  • evaluating environmental impacts when considering new equipment or processes,
  • ensuring that our employees support and abide by our client’s H&S policy and procedures whilst on site,
  • encouraging company-wide involvement by providing training to all staff on environmental issues and opportunities for staff to contribute to environmental improvements.

FSL Aerospace complies with relevant environmental legislation and other applicable requirements and sets appropriate objectives and targets designed to ensure continual improvement in environmental performance.

Our Enviromental Policy is available to the public on request.