FSL Management Systems

FSL designs, implements and operates bespoke Management Systems for the supply of product direct to the point of use on the client’s premises.

Each system is tailored to the individual client to meet their exacting needs, reduce waste and non value added processes bringing true value and cost savings.

Management Systems are able to:

  • Reduce administration by eliminating the need for individual purchase orders,
  • Rationalise your supply chain,
  • Eliminate the need for Goods-In processes,
  • Free up internal resource by delegating inspection to FSL,
  • Maintain stocks at optimum levels,
  • Free up valuable stores space, by having stocks at point of use,
  • Save on ‘walking time’ from shop floor to stores,
  • Monthly consolidated invoicing, reducing the number of invoices being processed,
  • Provide the security of back up stocks at FSL,
  • Improving speed and accuracy by utilising barcoded systems.